Measuring system for pulsed laser material processing

Innovative measurement of thermal effects of laser pulses using infrared (IR) radiation emitted from the material.

Temperature measurement in nanoseconds 

Detection of the effect of each laser pulse. 

Patented solution 

Unique measurement method and evaluation algorithm. 

Ready for use 

Custom measurement or cooperation on integration into your laser processes 

Benefits of the LabIR Ultrashort method 

Understanding of physical processes 

Measurement of temperature and thermal processes for individual pulses and series of pulses. 

Effective setting of laser process parameters 

Detected heat accumulation correlates with machining efficiency. 

Acceleration of production 

By monitoring and controlling processes in real time. 

Scientific setup 

Emphasis on full access to highly accurate data 

Measuring system with high sensitivity 

Evaluation of heat accumulation, signal peaks, existence of solidification plateau and its length and height 

Evaluation of the temperature value using specific calibration methods 

Industrial setup 

Emphasis on automation and efficiency for the customer 

Real-time signal for laser machine control 

Log from the process for product quality control  

Evaluation of the same quantities as for the scientific setup

Our offer

For scientists

Use extremely accurate data for basic and applied research 

For manufacturers and developers of laser machining systems 

Add automatic quality control and feedback control to your products 

For manufacturing companies using laser micromachining 

Maximize the potential of laser micromachining